“The theme of colour can be seen in different ways: Massimo Caiazzo faces it as that creative person which he is and represents it on his web site in a rich and seductive manner. When we first met, colour and visual perception of the real world were central in a pleasant and stimulating encounter seen as though an ideal bridge took shape between neuroscience and the artistic-creative dimension which is central to Massimo’s interests, as his long and rich cv can prove; a cv that is an ideal labyrinth where the themes of perception, illusion along with the answers that our mind gives to an environment full of seductions are all merged together. Massimo shows us how reality can be different, richer, more in line with our mind’s necessities: since the aesthetic dimension is not simply a plus, but a fundamental element in our mental life and body-mind relation.”

Alberto Oliverio

Neuroscientist, psychobiology lecturer at the Sapienza Università di Roma. He has worked in many International research centers among which Karolinska in Stockholm, the Brain Research Institute of UCLA in Los Angeles, the Jackson Laboratory in Maine, the Center for Neurobiology of Learning and Memory of California University in Irvine.